Termite Control Service

Termite Control Service

Termite is the most destructive insect. Termite can destroy your furniture, equipment, doors, door frames, wall, all kinds of wooden properties, wares, clothes, goods, books etc. Basically we can find termite line in our electric switch boards, door frames, tiled floors, suarez pipe line, Bathrooms false slab’s cabinet etc. Some time we have seen termite has destroyed a lots of money ( Currency Note)!!!!..

So that termite control service is the most important think for your properties. Whatever if you not find any termite till now, you can get termite control service for advance prevention. Prevention is better then cure.

Termite Control Service Methods:

  1. Perimeter Drilling in door frames :- We will drill 1.5″ to 2.5″ around  inside of infested or non infested wooden door frames for the injecting classified medicines in the door frames. After that we will close the holes by Chwak Powder or White Cement.
  2. Perimeter Drilling in tiled floor :- We will drill 1″ to 1.75″ inside of infested (We see the termite lines) tiled floor and inject classified pesticides of termite.  After that we will close the holes by Chwak Powder or White Cement.
  3. Electric Console Waring fumigation:- We will open some switch board and install fumigation tablet and close the board at a time.
  4. Bathroom’s or Kitchen’s False Slab Treatment : This is very important to treatment of Bathroom’s or Kitchen’s False Slab very seriously for Termite Control Service. We will spray classified pesticides in the Bathroom’s or Kitchen’s False Slab cobard. After that we will install fumigation tablets and close air tight the cobard for the fumigation of this property.
  5. General Spray:- We will use very low smelled or smell less classified Emulsifiable pesticides or Suspension pesticides with correct doge for general spraying. We will do general spray in surrounding of your properties for termite control service.
  6. Perimeter Drilling for Ground Floor:- If we find your properties with highly infested by termite then we have to drill your ground floor with 12″ to 18″ drill bit ( hole size 16 MM) and then we will inject classified pesticides in holes. After that we will close the holes by Chwak Powder or White Cement.

Pre- Construction Termite Control Treatment:-

If you have a running construction property then we have advice you for Pre- Construction Termite Control Treatment for better prevention of termite infestation in future.

Guarantee of Termite Control Treatment:

We have provide 02 years to 05 years re-service (100% Free) guarantee for Post- Construction Termite Control Service and we provide 20 years guarantee for pre-construction Termite Control Service.