Mosquitoes Control Service

Mosquitoes Control Service

Mosquitoes are most deadly insect for all kinds of mammal animals. A big number of human dies per year for the reason of mosquitoes in world. Mosquitoes are very easy media of germs spread. We can see newly germs spread carried by mosquitoes. Recently Zica Virus found by the carried by Mosquitoes. Also malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever, filariasis and Eastern equine encephalitis etc disease carries by Mosquitoes.

So, Mosquitoes Control Service is most important for any kinds of human colonies, Industries, Factories, Hospitals, Schools, offices, Hotels & Resorts.

Zero Insect Pest Control Service bring most ultimate technologies of Mosquitoes Control for Providing Mosquitoes Control Services all over Bangladesh. We have very well trained and experienced Pest Control Technician and Pest Control Supervisor Team.

Our Mosquitoes Control Service Methods & Technologies:

  1. General Fogger Spray:- Zero Insect have sufficient stock of JS 350 Moddel Fogger Machines (100% Genuine Made in Korea), BF 150 Model Fogger Machines for the providing Mosquitoes Control Services for any size or any volume of Properties. We have sufficient stock of Real fogger solution (ACI Brand) also for this.
  2.   Mini Fogger Spray:- When Client’s properties volume is very low and we have not any sufficient space for driving General Fogger machines then we have continue the service with MP100 & GL112 model Mini Fogger Machines.
  3. General Spry:- We Provide general spraying for all kinds of mosquitoes infestation. Fogger Solution can’t finish mosquitoes eggs and larva than we spray specified pesticides for Mosquitoes Control Service by general spraying.

If you need Mosquitoes Control Service, Please Contact with us: 8801733877583