Industrial Pest Control

Industrial Pest Control

Zero Insect Pest Control Services one of Best Industrial Pest Control Services Provider Company in Bangladesh. We have more than 100++ top level brand industries and factories as our existing clients. Our most experience and expert pest control technician use most ultimate methods for solving pest infestation. We use ultimate technologies to execute pest control operation. Such as: Thermal Fogger BF 150, Thermal Fogger JS 350, Cool Fogger Machine, Mini Fogger KB100, Hadson Branded Spray machines, Best Quality safety equipment.

Methods of Industrial Pest Control:

  1. Indoor General Spraying for crawling insect with 100% Smell less pesticides.
  2. Outdoor General Spraying for Flying insect larva with top branded infanticides.
  3. General Fogger Spraying for Active Flaying  insect with top branded fogger solution.
  4. Installing Sufficient Bait station or Bait traps for controlling rat and mice.
  5. Applying  sufficient Rodent Glue Traps  for controlling all kinds of Rodent.
  6. Rodent hole fumigation for rodent and snakes.

Why you choose  Zero Insect for Industrial Pest Control in Bangladesh:

  1.  We have more than 23 years experienced pest control technicians.
  2. Our Pest Control Team leader should be an entomologist with agriculture science background.
  3. All pest control supervisors are well educated, smart and experienced.
  4. Applying 100% Safety equipment and always maintain proper fast aid box.
  5. Highly consider about environment and Eco situation.
  6. Maintain international standard formulation and technologies start to end the pest control operation.
  7. Provide proper pest control report and certificate for all operation.
  8. Most calculative and competitive service charge.
  9. Support after services and always active surveillance team.