Bed Bugs Control Service

Bedbugs Control Service

About Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs is the most injurious insect. Its allergic and germs spreader insect and its too harmful for Human health. Basically Bed Bugs main meals are mammal’s blood. So that you can see bed bugs infestation around of mammal leaving areas. Human sleeping beds, mattress, Chair etc are best source to find Bed bugs.

Basically Bed Bugs are nocturnal insect and they were out at night only from their hideouts. Bed Bugs are too odd tolerant insect also. An adult bed bug can survive more than a year once feeding a bite of mammal blood. And also bed bugs egg can alive more than 18 months before getting suitable situation to rise.

Bed Bugs Control Service

Zero Insect Pest Control Services has some different kinds of method to Bed Bugs Control Services.

  • Customized Chemicals Spraying
  • Customized Bio-Chemicals Spraying
  • Sealed Fumigation Treatment (Commanded)
  • Hit and Steam Treatment (No Chemical)

Chemicals Spraying Methods for Bed Bugs Control Service

This is E C (Emulsifiable Concentrates) formulation technology and this is the most usable method of Bed Bugs Control Service in South Asia. It’s too poisonous and this is the most effective way and also most cheaper. Its take 2 or 3 hours to applying the method and need more 6 hours dispeople the applied properties. (infant and child has to way from the properties within 24 hours)

Bio-Chemicals Spraying for Bed Bugs Control Service

Bio Chemicals means none poisonous chemicals use as ingredient to customized this spray liquid. Its 100% Eco friendly and environment hazard free technology. This technique good for household. According to our experience applying in industrial properties this method is not effective as among the other methods.

Fumigation for Bed Bugs Control Service

Fumigation is the ultimate solution of Bed Bugs Control service and it’s also mostly recommended for all kinds of household, commercial and industrial pest control. Fumigation also 100% Eco Friendly technology. Fumigation also World Health Organization most recommend method. Zero Insect has been providing 1 year guarantee of Bed Bugs Control Services by Fumigation Methods.

Heat and Steam Treatment for Bed Bugs Control Services.

This is 100% Chemical less and safe method of controlling Bed Bugs. Bugs can’t tolerate more then 125 degree Fahrenheit hit more then 1 minutes. And also it’s eggs. So that Hit treatment is the best none chemical method of Bed Bugs Controlling. Zero Insect has ultimate Steam Machine to applying this method. Zero Insect Provides 06 Months Guarantee of Hit and Steam Treatment.